Drone technology offers new horizons for rehabilitation

4 April 2022

Having delivered some of the most ambitious rehabilitation programs globally, Thiess has launched a standalone business to the market – Thiess Rehabilitation.

The new business covers the full lifecycle of mine rehabilitation services, from design to development to delivery, including helping clients achieve superior end land use results.

Thiess Rehabilitation Group Manager, James Anderson, said Thiess has been exploring avenues to be more active in rehabilitation beyond simply delivering services as part of a wider mining contract.

“Launching this new business is a great milestone and we have the support of the whole Thiess business behind us,” James said.

“A standalone offer for clients means they can tap into our full range of services and significant resource base to achieve their goals faster – all with the confidence of working with a team that deeply knows mining and environmental science.

“We’ve always prided ourselves on the rehabilitation efforts our teams deliver across Australia and Indonesia, and bringing our mining smarts and efficiencies to a wider range of rehabilitation campaigns is exciting.”

The team offers an edge in areas such as rehabilitation technology, construction optimisation, regulatory insight, and highly practical local engagement programs.

For clients, it means time and cost savings, effective management of risk, and the ability to show tangible social value.

Senior Environment Advisor – Rehabilitation, Rhianna Goodwin, said launching the business represented a positive move for Thiess.

“This is something we’ve always wanted to deliver, so it’s wonderful to see it come to fruition,” Rhianna said.

“There’s so much attention and momentum on sustainability in mining and we have the skills and experience to really partner with clients and help them drive better, faster results in that area.

“We offer a full range of proven methods, and we’re always trialling new technologies and looking at new ways of working, so this is a field that’s constantly moving forward.

“The challenge of delivering a world-leading offer is a privilege we take seriously, and it’s encouraging to see how keen others are to get involved.”

Although a key feature of early discussions with clients is rehabilitation innovation, the market is also already embracing the gains possible by the team’s ability to implement progressive, multi-year rehabilitation campaigns.

Thiess Rehabilitation’s comprehensive, tailored services suit sites of all sizes, commodities, requirements and lifecycle stages, including progressive mine rehabilitation, mine closure and infrastructure removal, abandoned mines and contaminated land requirements.

The team ensures immediate and sustained value, with positive environmental, social and governance outcomes, empowering clients to better share the story of successfully restoring land.

For more information, please connect with our Thiess Rehabilitation team.

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